Kap7 Water Polo

Kap7 Water Polo balls and equipment for all levels and abilities of Water Polo.

Kap7, Inc was founded by aquatics greats Wolf Wigo ( 3 x Olympian, World Champion, 3 x Pan American Champion, 2x NCAA Champion, WUG Champion) and Bradley Schumacher ( 2 x Olympic Gold Medalist, Pan American Champion, World Champion, U.S. National Champion, and 1st ever aquatics athlete to hold World titles in swimming and water polo) to design and build innovative world class products for the water polo community.

KAP7 has tapped into years of experience, proprietary technology and the highest quality materials to develop the HydroGrip into the best and longest lasting water polo ball in the world. K7 Hydrogrip balls are all made to the exact specifications whether for NCAA, NFHS, FINA or Club Water Polo.

Size #1 - Novelty Ball, Ages 6 & Under

Size #2 - 10U Coed & 12U Girls

Size #3 - 12U Boys and 14U Girls

Size #4 - 14U Boys, HS, NCAA and International Women

Size #5 - HS Boys, NCAA and International Men

NFHS and NCAA Ball rules require the majority of the ball to be yellow. KAP7 Hydrogrip NFHS and NCAA approved balls: Yellow, Yellow/Navy, Yellow/Black, Yellow/Green, Yellow/Red, Yellow/Orange